No Poverty

  • 1.To relieve poverty by providing food and other basic supplies to persons of low income or non, by establishing, operating and maintaining shelters for the homeless, and by providing counselling and other similar programs to relive poverty.

  • 2. Job opportunities.

  • 3. Education

No Disease

  • 1. To conduct research into the causes, controls and cure of debilitating diseases, illnesses and conditions.

  • 2. To provide support for those affects by debilitating diseases, illnesses and conditions by offering education and counselling and by establishing mutual support group.

  • 3. Providing free medical, health and support services for the low income family.

No War

  • 1. To provide necessities of life to victims of War & disasters.

  • 2. Act in its name to maintain and promote peace and respect of human rights around the world.


No Poverty No Disease No War is childhood dream of Suresh Joachim by his real-life perils & experience to be worked for others. Now, Suresh reaches the point to make it work, after all his efforts, help and support of very good people and God surround him. The founder effectively works on his vision for all the people in the world as Secretary-General of practical "No Poverty No Disease No War" organization.

World Peace Marathon & Initiatives

The World Peace Marathon, is a global awareness programme and referred to, is Suresh Joachim`s vision for a better tomorrow. A better, healthier, more – stable and war free tomorrow for all the people in the world. The Marathon will have Suresh running in over 72 countries and 123 cities. On December 25, 2017 at 12:00am.

No Poverty No Disease No War organizes events to raise money through world peace marathon for initiatives projects.


World Peace Marathon Now Is Open For Project Fundraising Application

No Poverty No Disease No War is pleased to join with World Peace Marathon 2017 by Suresh Joachim.

World Peace Marathon 2017 supports good-cause or transformative projects to use the opportunity and raise fund to achieve it.

To start fundraising 1 Sept 2017 you can apply to “World Peace Marathon 2017” for approval process. Deadline for application is 31st May 2017.

All applicants good to get to know the details and procedures to get opportunity and utilize the event effectively
  • Please get to know about the event at And, make sure your nation is in the World Peace Marathon list.

  • Please send your charity organization details to us

    a) Registration certificate

    b) Web and contact details

    c) Achievements and references

  • Selected project ( maximum 2 projects can be applied) details and budget to raise fund by World Peace Marathon 2017

  • From on 1 July 2017, we will start to review and evaluate the applications

  • From on 1st August 2017, the result will be informed to the applicants.

  • If your project and the organization are selected, The World Peace Marathon event management team will start to work with your organization to prepare, test and run fundraising for one year including your nation’s event coverage days.

Please submit your application to the following contact details

To :

Subject : Project Fundraising WPM 2017 your organization name

Note : If your nation is not in the World Peace Marathon 2017 list, And if you are interested in raising fund for your project(s) during the event, please contact us.

To :

Subject : Fundraising WPM 2017 your organization name

Thank you!

World Peace Marathon 2017